Ferrari 458 Challenge

The Ferrari won 1'st place 2 years in a row in the ROLEX GRAND AM race series.  To celebrate this achievement we shot their last race of the season and built them a site that went live the moment they crossed the finish line.


WAMPUM spring lookbook goes live

Wampum New York spring line launches online.

Bike Like A New Yorker blows up all ova the design world

Transportation Alternatives Commissioned Mother New York to produce a campaign to generate awareness ahead of the CitiBike bike sharing program. And the Design world approved. It won a 2013 Communication Arts Design Award. There were even a few bootleg iphone covers being sold around the city at flea markets... So thats cool...

#WTFF - Burger King weirds out Carson Daly

Burger King did a product launch through a experiential marketing engagement thing. It was cool....


White Pike Whiskey made some noise on Fast Company

Mother New York made a mixable white whiskey. Its pretty rough stuff, but the packaging and photography is cool.


#lahtipopup - Charles Lahti and Kate's Paperie pop up shop in Soho

When my good friend and artist Charles Lahti asked me to help him build a design and social campaign for his pop up shop collaboration with Kate's Paperie. I said ok, and so I did that.  We built him a simple site that propagated with Instagram photos as were tagged with #lahtipopup.